Upgraded CPU Heat-sink not working properly

yesterday i upgraded my intel pentium 2.60GHz to a Intel pentium D 3.4GHz. i removed the heat-sink cleaned it off replaced the thermal paste but the cpu kept overheating i notticed the heat-sink fan stayed at 550 rpm and it wont go faster i check the BIOS and it has smart fan running but it wont speed up when its needed. Please help
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    How much thermal compound did you use? You have to use very very little. Also once, you place the heat sink, don't lift it up again.

    As far as the bios goes, try setting the fan on manual at the highest speed. Then test the machine. If it still overheats, then the problem is most probably bad placement of thermal compound or bad seating the heat sink.
  2. The Pentium4 2.6 is a single core 63w processor, the Pentium D 950 is two pentium 4's stuck together that uses 130w. You need a cooler designed for Pentium D.
  3. i have a pentium dual core 2.60GHZ ITS A DUAL CORE not single core...and the problem is the fan on the heat sink its not going as fast as it should it just runs normal and calm
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