Does 5900 vs 7200RPM really matter for my situation?

Currently my setup is this:

Samsung 840PRO 256 GB SSD (has all my games/OS)
Seagate 1.5TB SATA 5900RPM (has all my movies/game saves/pics/cd images and a VMWare VM running)
Samsung (some old POS 1TB I removed from a broken external drive, prob 5400RPM)

I'm looking to expand as I want to use both drives in larger capacities and backups.

Right now I'm torn between 3TB and 4TB drives. I'd like to stay under $200 per drive, and partial to Seagate. The Seagate 3TB are about $130 7200RPM and the 4TB are 5900RPM and about $189. I also occasionally, but very rarely, will do Fraps capture/encoding (but maybe once a quarter)

Will I gain/lose anything with going 5900RPM To regret it?
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    no since your running a ssd boot drive
  2. Having a ssd has nothing to do with anything that happens on the hdds. If your current hdds can handle fraps then you would be fine, assuming you are recording to the hdds. But the slower rpm does have lower bandwidth so would limit the res or fps of recording if you are recording to the hdd. You could always just record to the ssd then transfer it to the hdd.
  3. Mainly just run a vm and transfer 50gb nightly as backup. Wasn't sure if transfer rate is the same between drives and only difference is seek.
  4. the seagates are 7200rpm at the prices you quoted; the nas drives are the 5x00 rpm drives
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