Looking for a 27" Borderless monitor with "Ultra HD" resolution

I have been seaching for a few days now for a borderless 27" monitor with a resolution greater than 1920*1080.
I was wondering if they even exist?

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  1. I dont think they do but you would want to aim for a solid 1440p monitor at 27"
  2. The only real option for an ultra hd monitor right now is ASUS' 32" IGZO screen for ~$3200-3500.

    I don't believe any 27" uhd screens exist yet. Only option above 1080p at that size is QHD (1440p)
  3. Cheers guys, i think my question was a little off.
    I was looking for a QHD BORDERLESS 27" monitor, sorry for the inconvenience.
    thanks for the input though!
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