Does MSI G41M-P33 Combo Support Intel Pentium 4 520 HT?

I have a PC with i7-3770K as my main system. I had a Gigabyte EP43-DS3L motherboard with a Celeron 420 CPU, in the CPU support list of the Gigabyte motherboard:, you can see that the Pentium 4 520 is written. But there is a little trick they made, which I didn't quite see. They've written with small red letters that N/A = Not support and next to the Pentium 4 520 there's N/A. I got screwed, because who on Earth writes CPUs which ARE NOT supported in a list OF SUPPORTED CPUs! And since it's called a CPU support list, I thought that each and every CPU which is there should be supported and didn't see the tiny red text saying that there are CPUs in this list which have N/A next to them and aren't supported. I wanted to test the Pentium 4 520 on the motherboard for personal reasons, and since now I don't have a motherboard on which to test it on, I will kindly ask you if the P4 520 will be supported by the MSI G41M-P33 Combo, THE P4 520 IS IN THE SUPPORT LIST of the MSI G41M-P33 Combo, but I do not know if MSI also play tricks like Gigabyte (writing unsupported CPUs in their CPU support list). And I don't want to get fooled again and buy something which doesn't support the CPU I want to install on it. I hope you read everything.
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  1. No it does not.
  2. Officially Pentium 4/D support was dropped starting with the Intel 3-series chipsets. Any chipset newer than that, including the G41, does not officially support it. It is up to the motherboard manufacturers as to whether they support it or not.

    Tom's Hardware review of the Intel 3-series chipset.

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