New Laptop Samsung - Need help and Advice Many Problems

So, I need some advice, I got a Samsung Laptop This one: np350v5c-a0euk


And i have problems :(

1) WTF, I had 3 laptop all 3-4 years old, and i could use my touch pad and scroll up or down, but i cant do it on this crap! Why cant i do that? How do i scroll? its so annoying, there are no updates or settings.

2) It has Pre installed Windows 8 , any advice to Dual boot Windows 7, what should i do, also do i need to do something about the secure boot UIEF or W.E

3) More Stupid stuff, which is pissing me off, On my previous laptops, on thier website i had a forum to help me, there is nothing for samsung:( but thats the start, whats more stupid is, THERE ARE NO DRIVERS for Windows 8?? wtf
how am i suppose to get them? where from? i searched main website NOTHING.

Thank You very much, i would greatly appreciate if someone could solve 1
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  1. 2) You need to disable Secure Boot in the BIOS. shrink the Windows8 partition in the Disk Manager to make room for the Windows7 partition.

    3) If there are no drivers available for Windows8, then all drivers are included in Windows8 install media. After install run a Windows update to check for new drivers. The other option would be go to the hardware manufacturer website like Intel, or Realtek and check for updates.

    any particular drivers you are looking for that are missing after the installation?
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