Wireless PCE Card - Good Signal Strength, Poor Download Speed

Hi I my new PC arrived today and after setting it up and connecting to the internet I found that my download speed is only 4/6mbs. Our house has a Virgin Media super-hub and our maximum download speed is 60mbs. On my old laptop I managed to get 40/50mbs download speed but with this new pc I'm only getting a fraction of that. The super-hub is in the room next door and is only 5/6m away so surely range isn't the issue? I've updated all the drivers for the card and tried different channels the super-hub is operating on, still the connection stays really low but the signal strength is showing as excellent.

The model of the card is: Asus PCE-n10 11n

I have moved the PC into the room with super-hub and directly connected it with an ethernet cable and the download speed is 50mbs+. Is there anything I can check/do?
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  1. According to a newegg owner:


    Pros: Works as long as you use windows to configure it. DO NOT USE THEIR SOFTWARE. When loading their software, choose the button that allows windows to configure the connection. It then loads the driver but not their software. Their software limited speed to .3MB/s. Using windows allows for the max of what I pay for internet, 3MB/s

    Cons: Use windows to configure device, only load driver. Speed is 1/10th of what it should be when using ASUS software to control the card.
  2. How would I go about doing this?
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