How to use ssd for boot instead of the hdd?

How do I use the ssd for boot instead of the hard drive?

so I Just bought a ssd. And i want to install window 7 and use that ssd for the boot. But I already have a harddrive with window 7 already on it.
I want to remove JUST the operating system from the harddrive and keep everything else like picture/video/documents on the harddrive.

I need guidance.
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  1. Is this a laptop or desktop in question? Is this a brand new machine that you haven't previously set things up in? I recently bought a new laptop and went ahead and took out the HDD, resintalled the OS on the SSD, then put the HDD back in (dual bay laptop) and pointed all the Documents, Music etc to the HDD.

    I would worry about where your documents and stuff are located after you've moved your OS, etc, then you can relocate those particular things. First you probably need to migrate your HDD to SSD. Again, maybe not necessary if it's brand new and you can afford a clean install.
  2. It is a brand new desktop desktop with all new parts.
    I have everything but my ssd. Since my ssd wont arrive till next week.
    So i wanted to just install window 7 onto the harddrive. and install some games. I'll be leaving those games onto the hard drive since I wont play them that much.
    so when i get the ssd i want to remove just the operating system(windown 7) from the harddrive and install it on the ssd.
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    If I were you, I would wait until the SSD comes. That way you're guaranteed that the OS is setup by Windows to run on an SSD and not have HDD settings, etc. Additionally, there can be randon transfer glitches when migrating, so you would bypass any of those. If you feel like you have to do it this way, here's a guide on migrating:

    Like I said, I would be patient and do it the best way the first time, which would be clean OS install directly to SSD, but that's just my opinion.
  4. yeah i'll just wait till ssd arrives.
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