Gaming pc crashing and bsoding possible bad memory

Hey everyone first off I would like to thank you for reading my post let alone responding to it as it will probably be lengthy. Here is my pc: I built it in July so it is quite new. The first problem I had was with battlefield 3. Pretty much the day I got it it wouldn't launch and it would crash saying "battlefield 3 has stopped working". I eventually found a fix to this by every time I played I would delete some settings files and boom it would work. (more on this later) Then my next problem was with league of legends. Right after the loading screen it would crash with an error message saying bug splat. GTA4 would crash or freeze after about 30 minutes everytime. But now it wont even open. I started getting lots of bsods while browsing the internet. Plus some internet explorer has stopped working errors. So I continued playing my bf3 and deleting the files until one time it wouldn't work. So I said ok I will play some far cry 3. Far Cry 3 crashes with some weird error. So I try league of legends and the LAUNCHER crashes with some weird similar error. So I try minecraft. MINECRAFT even crashes. You can imagine how frustrated I am now. So i wipe my hard driving without saving anything thinking it most me some sort of software error and I just will start over fresh... I reinstall windows 8 and I click desktop and go to internet explorer to install some drivers and bam blue screen of death. At this point I almost throw my new computer out the window. But this bsod had an error that caught my eye. MEMORY_MANAGEMENT. So I look up the error and the results are generally inconclusive. I run memtest86 to see if there is a problem with the memory. I really dont know how to read it but my results said 800000 failures and 1 success after doing 1 pass... I don't think that is right. As of right now my computer is a useless brick... If someone can please help me that would be great as I am pulling my hair out over frustration. Thank you very much.
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  1. Is it overheating?
  2. If anyone is reading this please reply at because I accidentally posted it twice. And no it isnt because it would crash right after turning it on in the morning without doing any intensive things.
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