Best gameplay recording software?

Hey guys,

Title says it all. Pirates of the Caribbean Online, one of my favorite games, is ending in like two weeks, and I was hoping to get some good footage before it's gone for good.

What's something that's free, good quality, and won't make my computer slow down or disconnect? I'd prefer for it not to make the video files too huge either.
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  1. MSI afterburner has some very good quality screen recording software. It is a bit complicated to set-up though so it takes some work
  2. That's quite a wish list. Good luck.
  3. ram1009 said:
    That's quite a wish list. Good luck.

    Oh, well maybe this is more complicated than I had thought :P

    When I had asked for programs for monitoring heat, everyone seemed to have one on the tip of their tongue, so maybe I oversimplified this :P
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    Seriously the built in screen recorder in MSI afterburner is easily the best free one out there.
  5. tiny voices said:
    Seriously the built in screen recorder in MSI afterburner is easily the best free one out there.

    Hmm, alright then, what all would this entail? I googled that and found that it is appears to be an overclocking system, but I'm new to bulding computers and note yet comfortable with overclocking (this is the first rig I've built).

    Would I easily be able to download this without messing with any of the overclocking stuff? Heck, could I download the video capture program separately?

    Thanks for the help with this guys, I'm hoping to start taping this weekend :)
  6. Yes, you don't have to overclock anything at all. No, you cannot download the capture software separately.

    Just youtube 'How to record with MSI Afterburner'
  7. Ok, I think I'm going to download that now :)

    BTW, in the updates I saw something about a "“Enable hardware control and monitoring" setting. Is there some way that I can disable overclocking so that I won't have to worry about pushing a wrong button and frying my PC?

  8. You won't press anything wrong. I assume you are not stupid. If you are worried about 'accidentally overclocking' Then you either cannot read or are not able to properly work a mouse.

    It is great software. Just don't move any of the sliders on the home screen. Easy. Even if you do, it won't even do anything unless you hit apply.
  9. Ok cool thanks.

    I've got it downloaded, but I can't seem to get to the recording page. I found a video Here...

    But when I click the "MSI Afterburner On-Screen Display Server", I get a pop-up requesting permission to let the program make changes to my computer, and then when I click yes, NOTHING HAPPENS!! :P

    So, what should I do next?
  10. Ok, I got it working ad recorded a few short videos, but I can't seem to open then. Any suggestions?
  11. What format are they? Like what file type?

    Are you opening them in the containing folder?
  12. Never mind, I got it working! Turns out I was turning off the recorder before it had a chance to start :P

    Thanks guys!
  13. Always glad to be able to help!
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