E3 1230 v2? For gaming?

How would an E3 1230 v2 preform in gaming vs an i5 3570k? The E3 has hyperthreading, so shouldn't it be, in theory, more future-proof? I'm planning to upgrade to a 770 and need a new processor. All of my other computer specs are in the screen that comes up when you click my profile picture (idk what it's called, sorry).

Any advice is appreciated,
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    That xeon CPU is essentially a lower clocked i7 2600 without the on die graphics. With the 3570k you get an unlocked multiplier for overclocking, which will more than make up any performance delta the Xeon gets with hyper-threading, and you get quick sync for faster video transcoding, so long as you use an application that uses it of course :D. If you are not going to overclock go with the E3. If you are never going to overclock you may as well get the E3
  2. Well, its sort of a toss up. The E3 can't be overclocked whereas the i5 can. Though the E3 has a couple more cores. We don't really know what the futures gonna bring but personally I'd probably grab the i5. When game makers are going to really start leveraging more than 4 cores we should have more beefy processors anyhow. Keep in mind they also have to factor in how many people have procs with more than 4 cores before they will really start to take advantage.

    Also does your mobo support xeons? If it doesn't but it supports that i5 then that makes that option even more appealing.
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