How to record streaming video AND audio

How can I record audio and video streaming from "any" website? Even the "hidden" ones, like on

I've tried with Camtasia Studio. I can record the video, but no audio.
What's to do?

Thanks for any help.
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  1. Well, the help came from..... myself!
    "Help yourself, and you can help others," goes the (tweaked) saying.

    Anyway, I managed to record video AND audio, thanks to a wonderful freeware.
    I'll sell the information for not $397... not $197.... not $97...
    You know the old marketing trick of the "7's"

    No, I'll give it to you for.... FREE! Yipee!

    The driver is called: VB-Audio Virtual Cable.

    Search Google, and you'll get it on top... below adversements.

    Have fun!

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