Catalyst Control Center.

My laptop came with an amd radeon graphics card and a bunch of programs with it. However, the catalyst control was not opening so I uninstalled all of my AMD files and was going to re install the complete package off their website but it would always that it would not be able to! I was considering restoring my pc but the last restore was 3 months ago and i purchased a new virus protection and microsoft office since then and those cost a lot of money. Can someone please help me regain my AMD programs and abilities???
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  1. did you try to load them from the laptop maker using name and model with the os you use ?
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    If you have an older AMD laptop with an APU or Dual Graphics, the new download assistant on the AMD site will tell you that no compatible graphics adapter was found. You will have to do as Scout_03 has suggested and get them from the laptop manufacturer.
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