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So I get all the way through my build to the point where I am ready for my first start up. Connect a brand new Asus VS247H-P to my GPU through DVI ports. Plug the monitor and tower in. The little LED light at the bottom corner doesn't even come on on the monitor. I check the connections on both ends, still nothing. Tried thumbing the on/off button anyway nothing. Plug my laptop in the outlet to be sure its work, yup laptop has power. Tried the monitor in other outlets, still nothing. Am I missing something? Or did I just get a dud?

(I never did try to turn the tower on. No point without a working monitor.)
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  1. Might try crossing fingers and try a different power cord and hope it's the power cord, otherwise sounds like DOA
  2. Yea I tried the one from my tower (since they are identical) still nothing. Guess I get the fun of shipping it back. Thanks for the response.
  3. Sorry it wans't something easy, hate having to RMA/exchange
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    Returning to the store isn't too bad, having to ship it back to an online vendor can certainly be (thankfully this one is Amazon). I atleast have an old monitor I can plug in for now.
  5. Glad to hear no downtime
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