First test, system doesnt boot. Please help.

Hi, this is my first build pc and when i first test with motherboard, cpu, psu, case fans, when i turn on power switch on MB the all fan running and then the front fan off first, after 30 seconds the rest of fan turn off and all off the fan on again and repeat like first turn on.
I have Gigabyte z87x UD4H, 4670k, CM Hyper 212 EVO, Seasonic M12 II 750W, G Skill Sniper 8x2 1600 c9 ram, Corsair 600T graphite. Many thanks in advance.
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  1. Might be a stupid question, but did you put the CPU fan on your CPU?
  2. Yes, i did. Now i took out the MB and run test but still have the same problem. Did i get defective MB?
  3. Did you try connecting your GPU also to check if you have the boot screen and what it says? It can help you to figure out what is wrong.
  4. Im using onboard gpu but i didnt see anything on monotor
  5. I did plug in gpu now on monitor say bios has been reset and decide to continue
    load optimized defaults then boot or reboot
  6. Then what happens if you reboot?
    Try to go in the BIOS and reset everything to default?
  7. yes, i did reboot and reset bios to default and now window 7 try to reparing because im using the old hhd. Why my system wont start with out gpu?
  8. Your system can start without a GPU, it's just that you won't see anything on the screen so it is harder to know if everything is ok or not. You can boot without an HDD if you want, but at least with the GPU you will have the boot screen and you can check that there are no warning messages.
  9. I got another problem, when i turn it on momitor flash with blue screen and then win7 start with repair mode or normal , if i chose normal then it turns off. Does my win7 crack?
  10. Try to change your RAM, or use 1 stick only (try both) to see if it works.
  11. I did change another pair of ram Kingston 4g xms3 but win7 wont start
  12. Can you describe precisely what happens after you boot with the new RAM for instance?
  13. With Kingston ram boot without hhd no problem, but when i plug in hdd with win7 installed, first of all win start up and say system fail to start
    launch to repair ( recoment )
    start win normal
    if i chose option 1 it say unable to repair and shut down
    option 2 the screen flash on blue with som number and restart by itself
  14. Best answer
    Then it is probably linked to your HDD and the Windows installed, try to reinstall windows to see if it works? Otherwise maybe your HDD is no working anymore.
  15. Thanks a lot for your help. I ll get the new ssd or hhd.
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