A lot of problems with internet (CZee), really need help.

I have been having a lot of problems with my internet. My ISP is CZee. They're military internet service along with CableOne, I live at Keesler Airforce base and currently it's my only choice of internet.

So pretty much, the whole building uses a login page to sign into your account to access the internet. The problem for me is, I attempt to load up the page (https://portal-czee.versiworks.com/submitlogin.ihtml) and it takes a really long time to load. Then after it will finally load, I type my information, and click Log in, nothing happens until after a minute to 5 minutes. It's really annoying.
Even after connecting, I get random disconnects. Then I have to repeat the process. SOMETIMES, it even loads instantly.

Now for reasons I DON'T think it's just the ISP themselves, is because,
1) When on my phone's wifi, it loads up almost instantly, as well as logging in.
2) My friends in the same hall don't have the page loading and logging in problem.

I have tried both ethernet into the wall and using my wifi. No fix.

It's really frustrating and I don't know what to do. If there's a way I can get diagnostics or anything and someone can help i'd appreciate it. Thanks in advanced, if you need more info let me know.

NIC: Killer e2200 embedded ethernet/wireless
OS: Windows7
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  1. Update on things i've tried.
    I got a new and better ethernet cable. Still slow at the response of loading.
    I've tried switching to wifi and turning off the ethernet LAN, no luck there either.

    Should I just get a router? I was thinking a router that logs into the page for me and that the router would just stay logged in so I shouldn't have to keep logging in again?
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