Low power UPS and GPU temp control

Hi guys, i was wondering, my GPU cards when in high load go around 70-75º which i've read isn't bad although a little high than the ideal.

My question arises from the fact that I have a low power UPS which begins to sound when my GPU's go to a high load (which i've searched that it occurs when the UPS is too low for my PSU when the PC is demanding more energy) and it's at the same time that my cards go to the 70-75° range (generally is around 65-68° under normal load).

So i was wondering, since my low UPS isn't giving the required energy when under high load, could that be affecting the fan performance of my GPUs too?

Hope someone can clarify that! Thanks for the help!
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  1. antiglobal said:
    That happens when it is on battery? If you have electricity, UPS would just pass it to the output (unless you have an on-line UPS).

    I don't know if it's an online UPS, but that doesn't happens when it's on battery but on electricity. I have read that it seems that since the UPS outputs a steady and constant current (and can't go higher or lower than that), when the PC requires more energy it doesn't receive it since that would mean higher energy and the UPS can't change his voltage.

    So, when my PC demands more energy as so to make more load for GPU, CPU, etc. the UPS begins depleting the battery too (and starts to sound as a consequence) as to give the energy required for the PC. I was wondering that maybe that could affect my GPU's performance to maintain a more steady temp under load and not rise up to 70-75°.
  2. antiglobal said:
    No. That is not how it works at all.

    So it doesn't matter that i buy a more powerful UPS, my GPU's are still gonna go up to 70-75°?
  3. antiglobal said:
    Of course... And for GPU, that temperature is not high.

    P.S. What is the brand and model of your UPS.

    It is an Omega DV-800 UPS. I still have to buy a new UPS, i was thinking maybe an APC Back-Pro of 1200 or 1500 VA.
  4. antiglobal said:
    My post was deleted, so I am not going to explain it again in detail. Basically, your UPS is line-interactive one, and because of that you have to have more powerfull one in order to power your computer adequatly. Those APC UPSs are also line-interactive one, they are good quality, and I would buy an 1.500VA one.

    Thanks man! I also was thinking about that one.
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