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i have a nvidia GT240 which i know works because i used it in a different pc. when i switch on the computer the fan on the card start working and i see the desktop ( in bad resolution though ). i thought the problem might be outdated drivers , but the card does not appear in device manager. the only thing in device manager under display adapters is : "Standart VGA Graphics Adapter " (which is the onboard graphics chip i think ). I thought that the motherboard might be broken and therefore not detect the card so i switched the card with another i had lying around and it worked no problem and got shown in the device manager. I cannot figure out what the problem could be , please help
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  1. Restart the computer and see what happens.
  2. i did restart it multiple times. no change :/
  3. Also i know that its not a PSU problem because i ran the exact same setup before and everything worked fine
  4. i just though of something, the last time i saw the card working was before i reinstalled windows 7, not sure if that helps solve the problem
  5. Reinstalling Windows 7 is your choice. Its alot to lose. Try everything else first.
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