RAM and CPU compatibility!

I understand motherboard compatibility with RAM but the CPU confuses me-
because high performance CPUs like 4770K for example support 1333 and 1600 and there are still higher frequencies of RAM such as 2133.

say if I bought 2133 for example and set it to that in the bios would that cause damage to the CPU ( overtime and lower the lifespan ) because apparently it can become more unstable.

and also if most CPUs are built for 1333 and 1600 then surely if you bought 2133 then your high performance CPU is the bottleneck because it was not made for that at and it is more optimized for 1600. so why buy 2133 if your system is not optimized for it?

also sorry if u look at my posts quickly cuz i prefer to write a load of jabber in the little box first and post it and then update it when it's in the big box cuz it's easier.:D

Josh :D
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    No, you'd be fine, the 4770K is native to 1600 DRAM at stock clock, for freqs above that the '(OC)' indicates a CPU OC may be required, I'm running 2666 with my 4770K and have had a pair of 2933 in (haven't gotten my hands on any 3000 sticks yet)'s perfectly safe have been running 2133 in SB since it's release, and 2400 on IB since shortly after it's release
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