Bumped-into USB 3.0 thumb drive is not working.

So, I bumped into my USB 3.0 thumb drive (Lexar) and now it's not working. I checked it under the microscope and it doesn't look like there is any damage from the outside. The male connector, however, heats up pretty quickly when connected to the computer. It's not being recognized at all and its red LED light doesn't come on. So, I'm thinking the power just holds at the connector, hence the heat and lack of power every elsewhere... does anyone know how to fix this? If it was 2.0 it wouldn't be that hard, since there are only 4 pins. But with 9 tiny pins, I wouldn't be able to solder it.

I wouldn't stress about it if it didn't have some very important files on it.
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  1. So, is there a way to fix it?
  2. Let me rephrase it - How do I fix it?
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