Need a good Graphics Card for this build... Help?

Hi boys and girls. So my dilemma is: I am currently thinking on doing a new Gaming PC build with +/- 650€-700€ (860$-920$) and got the main parts figured out, but;
* The Case still looking for a good Case with good colling system. (Altough i will not try to overclock or crossfire)
* 500w Power Supply
* MB: Asus Sabertooth z77/z87 still need to decide between this 2. (Still not have)
* CPU: Intel i5 (3.0+GHz) / i7 (3.0+GHz) with one of those MotherBoards shocket. (Still not have)
* Windows 8. (Have it!)
* Storage: SDD 120Gb/128Gb and 1Tb drive, both internal. (Still not have)
* RAM: DDR3, 1600MHz 16GB 2X8GB RAM (Have it!)
* I'm looking for a good card under 150$/180$ for this build, to run Mid/Mid-High Graphics, i don't need high-high gameplay...

So my question to you guys is, can you give me some advice on a good graphics card for this build? And if it isn't asking much a good monitor to run with this intier build? So i don't burn my eyes over the night!

If I go for the i5 i will maby go for a 250SSD but if you guys give me a good graphic card choice ill keep the i7 to suport it.
I will sell my old PC for maby 100/120€ as soon I buy the Motherboard + CPU and the Case. So i can go for a 700-800€ PC budget (The RAM is inclued)

Best Thanks, JamedNano.
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  2. Both very decent, and allmost the same qualitys, would go for the Asus. Just coz i don't know Sapphire that well...
    I've checked the ports and its way to expencive goes up to 220$...

    But thanks H4X3R, Ill go for it if in 1/2 months the prices go down a bit.
  3. Good choice jamed,
    please select a "Best Answer" to help other people that have the same problem :ange:.
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