Installing Windows 7 Drive options (advanced) doesn't appear

When installing Windows 7 and getting the window "Where do you want to install Windows?", bellow the box with partitions I can't see selection Drive options (advanced). It just doesn't appear... That way I can't format or delete the partitions. What problem could it be? Is there possibility to format partition other way? Thank you for your help!
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  1. Do you see your drive in the BIOS?
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    If your goal is to wipe the drive before installing the OS, you could use a third party solution. I am a fan of Killdisk but Gparted Live is also an awesome solution for other partition edit tools.

    Here's a link to Gparted:

    Here's a link to Killdisk:

    I think Gparted has an option to make a bootable CD within the installer, but you can always build an ISO and burn it to disk or a USB drive.
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