Upgrading ram/cpu/mobo/cooler 7000 sek (1000 dollars)

Hello all,

I have a case (obsidian 350d), a psu (corsair gs800), and a gpu (titan). I was wondering what I could get as far as the cpu/ram/mobo/cooler are involved. I am into 3d modelling as well as gaming. I would prefer for it to be quiet. I also prefer corsair and intel, although I can change if I have to. I live in sweden and will only use shops like and Thanks
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  1. Did you already buy it?
  2. Sorry, the case should say 650d, and yes, I already had the psu, and gpu from april, when I needed the cuda cores for a rendering project in blender.
    The case can probably be returned, but I would rather not.
  3. HDD you don't have?
  4. Here you go, SSD is for the OS and your Video games if you have any, for your Mass Storage (Rendering Project, antivirus, etc etc) its an HDD.
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    Actually, get the i7-4770K for Rendering and 3D modeling etc
  6. ok thanks
  7. Be sure to choose me as the best answer if I helped!
  8. Thanks!
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