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Hello there, I noticed that there seems to be alot of people with a hell of a lot more knowledge on these things than me lurking here :)

So, I currently own an old DELL XPS 8100;

Motherboard serial; DH57M01 YD0213 .
CPU: Intel core i3 540 3.07 ghz

Now from what i can tell the highest frequency supported seems to be 1333 MHz.

My question is however if it at all would be possible for me to run 1600MHz memory on it, specifically this;

My question isn't so much about wether i will be able to get 1600MHz, which i doubt, but rather if it may hurt/damage my computer if i install these?
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    The 1600MHz ram will not hurt your system and has no problem running at lower speed so it should work fine.
  2. ok! Thanks for the quick reply! :D I got the ram as a gift, but wanted to be sure i didn't ruin anything by installing something that might not be supported.
  3. After installing the new ram, my computer freezes at startup, .... why ?

    i run 64bit windows 7.
  4. Not positive this is your issue, but I've read in other threads that you have to change in the bios what speed ram you are running if you run something other than what your mobo supports.
  5. Resetting CMOS/BIOS usually solves those issues.
  6. I'm not able to get into the bios/cmos with the new ram installed.

    when i put the old ram in, i can't find any settings for RAM in the bios/cmos.
  7. Reset CMOS with either the jumper or by removing the motherboard battery.
  8. rolli59 said:
    Reset CMOS with either the jumper or by removing the motherboard battery.

    I tried both methods with no results. still freezes upon startup and before i can hit F2. I just don't think it's supported..

    It did however mess with my computer, set date etc to 2010 .. no that i think that's an issue, but it seems lite som of the drivers might have backrolled? is this possible?
  9. I am presuming that you are not using both your old set and the new set. It is possible that you got a bad stick of ram so try with just one installed at a time.
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