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After I press shutdown in the windows bar, the pc will reboot. the fans never stop spinning, so it never turns completely off. It is a newly built pc. I have tryed several ways to fix. Turned the automatic restart after crash off. I tryed replacing 0 with 1 in the registry editor. I have turned all wake up options off. I have all the updated drivers installed. It does not always do it. Help plz?
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  1. If you have a foam block to put the motherboard on I'd suggest trying to run the system outside the case to troubleshoot a ground fault. Alternatively, you can use the anti-static bag the motherboard comes in.

    If it fixes the issue, make sure you have the correct amount of motherboard stand-offs installed into the case, and make sure the are all in the correct location. Too many stand-offs create a ground fault that can potentially damage your motherboard and cause all kinds of issues.
    I have also seen this issue come from a faulty motherboard.

    Edit: I have sometimes found that re-mounting the motherboard can fix the issue, as long as you have the right number of standoffs installed and they are all snug (do not over-tighten as they strip easy). Use a 5mm or 1/4" socket to tighten them.

    If the solution is not fixed by running it outside the case, strip the machine down the the bare minimum to run (single stick of ram, use onboard video if available, only the boot HDD, etc). If that does not work, then one of those base components is faulty. This may also include the power supply.
  2. I know the motherboards are in the correct spot. The system runs flawlessly while being on? If there was something wrong with the components would it not effect it during use?
  3. standoffs**
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    It's very hard to say. Unfortunately, troubleshooting a system error like this is quite difficult. The best way to do it is to switch out components until the issue goes away, but do it one component at a time.

    Running the system outside the case is the first place to start. After that, start stripping it down to the minimum one item at a time until the issue goes away. If it goes away as soon as you run it out of case, then re-mount the motherboard and see if the issue comes back. If it does, then there is a ground fault in your case. Also- make sure your power button is connected to the correct pins. Don't be afraid to read the motherboard manual. I'm a system builder who's built over 5000 computers, and I'm not afraid to read the manual of a product I've never used even if I think I know how to install it. It saves headaches :)
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