Will this GPU cooler fit on my graphics card?

it doesn't list my card in the compatible cards in the description and I have a gtx760.
thanks for any help you can provide!
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    That will fit on your GTX 760 without a problem. I do have one recommendation from personal experience however... When my temps got into the 90c+ range with my last reference card I decided to go with an aftermarket option. I looked at the Hybrid that you linked but after doing a bunch of research I decided to go with this instead For $40 I couldn't believe the difference it made! My reference cooler was terrible to begin with but this Twin Turbo dropped my temps by 30c and I'm not exaggerating at all! In Furmark, where my old cooler would get up to 92c, this Twin Turbo never let my temps get above 60c. I don't know if I had a bad factory heat sink or what but there difference was night and day! I only mention it because it is $80 cheaper than the Hybrid you linked and for me it worked so much better than I thought it would. Anyway, sorry to make that so long haha but yes, the Hybrid will work on your 760 and the Twin Turbo is also another cheaper option. Hope this helps!
  2. thank you for confirming that the hybrid will work on my card. I did look at the twin turbo also but I am all about looks with this build and I feel like the Hybrid would make my 760 look a lot better. thanks again for the quick answer
  3. Haha no problem, I completely understand where you're coming from! Good luck with your build!
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