Blue Screen of Death on new PC Build

Hello all I just built a new PC and I keep getting the blue screen when it gets to the first windows screen. I can't even login. Any ideas?

Intel 4770
Asus Z87 C
G SKill Ram
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  1. Is it a new PC with old HDD or new HDD too along with the PC ? If by any chance the HDD was from an old PC then you have to repair install the OS.

    Or check your RAM :

    Or, update the BIOS. And double check the connections of components and wiring.
  2. I tried repairing the OS multiple times but it doesn't work. And yes it's an old HDD from my previous build. I think I'll just reinstall the OS.
  3. Yes if repairing doesn't work then do a clean install of OS. BTW do you know for sure the HDD is working and not faulty.
  4. Yeah I'm sure the HDD is not faulty. I put all my old stuff back in and the HDD is working fine.
  5. Ok then do a clean install of OS.
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