Asus PB238Q or Asus MX239H for gaming?

Please advise. Which of these is better option for faster games like BF3?
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  1. The MX has a slightly faster response time and would be better for gaming. Is there a particular reason you're buying into an IPS panel? Are you interested in the brightness, color accuracy, wide viewing angle, etc. for purposes other than games? Just curious. If you don't necessarily need all of that, there are plenty of other ASUS monitors in that price range with 1 or 2 ms response times that are better suited for gaming purposes.
  2. I love color accuracy on IPS monitors, sharpness and provided picture overall. Primary use : movies and games
  3. Alright - well if you're absolutely sold on the IPS, then go for the MX239H. I know it doesn't sound like that extra 1 ms will make a bunch of difference, but the lower the response time the better.
  4. According to these tests PB238Q is slighty better in terms of ghosting and speed?

    Both MX239H and PB238Q have AH-IPS panel.
  5. Interesting. I had not found that article in my digging around, maybe I'm wrong then
  6. well then what is the right answer?f
  7. Honestly the one that looks the most visually pleasing. If the PB238Q is reportedly better in terms of ghosting and speed, then go with that one. The 1ms difference won't be noticeable unless you have it side by side with a much faster response time screen.
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