Cooling question, pumps and how to control them?

I created a long heavily worded thread a little while ago, but I didn't get much of a discussion regarding my post. I'll try to ask more specific questions.

What I could use some feedback on at the moment is:
I'm considering have two separate cooling loops in my build, or just have one loop, or have one loop and two pumps?

I was thinking of getting a bitspower pump and res combo, or res/dual pump combo. using 2 MCP655 pumps found here:

if you scroll down using that link you can see the optional pumps/mods you can get.

My concern is having two pumps that close together on one loop I would think would be extremely problematic, right? What if there not operating at the exact same speed?
Also the coolant from the first pump would be extremely turbulent entering the second pump, this causes no problems?

Lastly, how do I control the pumps? I see fan controllers, were is a pump controller?

I've looked at the favored aquaero 5, seems like a good controller, but don't understand how it would control pumps, or if it could handle fans and pumps.

I have 9 fans now, and will be adding 2-4 more probably.

the Mobo, is an EVGA X79 Dark.

thanks for your time,
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  1. NVM, there appears that there are no validated (fan/pump) controllers for the PWM pumps I was looking at, according to Swiftech.

    I think I'm going to just buy 2 pumps and res combos and run them separately and be done with it. Seems that its best to just let the motherboard do the controlling of the two pumps.
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