PSU and very high gpu temps problem

Hello there guys i have a slight problem with my computer
My gpu reaches temperatures like it never did before the upgrade
i recently brought a motherboard bundle and a new case
from intel core 2 quad q8300 2.5 to amd fx 83200 3.5
from 4gb ddr2 ram to 16 ddr3 ram
and the same gpu radeon 6970 hd xfx 2gb
and the case i got is zalman z11
can my 600 modxstream pro psu cause my gpu temps to go as high as 85-90 if the fan speed is not set on 50% i ve never had this happen before and its wierd to me how i had lower temps with a case that had 1 fan and higher with a case that has 4 fans pls guys help am troubled
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  1. is this power supply bit to weak for this build and can it be the cause of the temperatures I have recently cleaned the card and i also applied fresh thermal paste arctic mx 4
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