Dual Core vs QUAD CORE vs Core i3 for gaming

Hi guyz i was planning on getting a dualcore 1st gen 3.0 Ghz and a latest and best VGA card so i could do some cost cutting with the dual core.

1,Will dual core bottle neck my hi end vga card?
2.IS it better to get a QUAD CORE or core i3 instead of a dualcore?
3.Would there be big gaming performance difference between the dualcore , quad core and core i3 with the same VGA?
4.Games are GPU dependant right?
5.What if i Overcllock the Dual core?
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    go for a quad core if u can afford it.. and incase you are tight on budget..switch to amd...dual core are getting outdated as the time is passing by... and no matter how much you over clock will stay be a dual core... get a FX 6300.....with a decent am3+ socket mobo...
  2. 1. Possibly - depending on the game
    2. Quad Cores are being used more and more - Hitman Absolution is the first game that springs to mind and the trend is only going to go multi-core (more than 2), especially as X1 / PS4 games are translated to PC.
    3. Yes - depending on the game and more and more often as time goes on.
    4. No - GPU / CPU need to be in harmony with each other. Say you could add a Titan GPU to an Atom CPU - you still wouldn't be able to play Skyrim on it!
    5. Not as good as getting a quad or hex core. In an app that can take advantage of all cores, which sounds faster to you - 2 cores at 5ghz or 6 cores at 4.1? (Hint, not the dual!)
  3. For all intents and purposes, an i3 IS a dual core when it comes to gaming. Hyper Threading is more for apps and really does nothing for you in games.

    Having said that, I'm just going to repeat what the above responders have said:

    - It depends on the games you play.
    - The trend is heading more and more toward games and apps that can use 4, 6 and even 8 cores.

    The i3 will do well for games up to about 2011-2012 releases that make use of up to 2 cores. But most modern games that use 4+ cores will begin to bottleneck, even on a single GPU.

    I suggest you look at a low end i5 or FX 6300 as a good budget gaming CPU.
  4. So u guyz say that dual core will surely bottle neck a new hi end GPU right?? And what about the core i3 when compared to quad core
  5. Hijazs Ahamed said:
    So u guyz say that dual core will surely bottle neck a new hi end GPU right?? And what about the core i3 when compared to quad core will..just take my word... if you can afford an i5 (maybe 3570k or 3570)...go for it.... as the games which are coming will be based on multiple threads... and as u asked..i3 vs quad core...there are many quad you need to specify your question :)
  6. or if you are budget restricted... go for some AMD FX series....they are a gift to budget gamers :p
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