Computer won't go past 1st screen when booted

Hey all! I usually don't post forums so bear with me as I am not 100% tech savy. My friends helped me build a computer a few years back (about 4) and just recently had to install a new video card and that is working fine; however, recently my computer wont go past my beginning boot screen. Here is the weird part: when i hit the power button to turn off the computer it shuts off right away. When I removed my RAM cards, the computer seemed like it was booting up though no picture and it didn't shut off right away when i hit the power button. I'm thinking maybe the reason it won't start is I may need some new RAM cards? Thoughts? :)
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  1. Your PSU might be junk. what PSU do you have?
  2. Last time I had one that posted and didn't boot, it was a bad Hdd,
  3. It is definitely possible it is the PSU as the entire computer is about 4 years old. aware that many parts need to be replaced just waiting for the $ haha thanks for all possibilities!
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