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ok so i know this outdated but im trying LAN diablo 2 with the wife and i went out and bought a crossover cable she has a laptop with windows 8 i have a pc with xp (no router or internet) so i was able to get all the files i need from her comp to mine with sharing files and got it installed so fired game up doesn't work i went the firewall exceptions on hers and disabled on both also created a exception just for diablo2 still nothing i am able to ping each other address through cmd when i used to work tech support a 169.254 ip was always bad is it supposed to be a 169.254 ip when just LAN from CP to CP....Sorry if this has been posted by me before i couldnt find it
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  1. If you are running a client-to-client connection, you should assign static IPs from the same private range (ex.192.168.1.x) to both clients.
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