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I am trying to record some game play of a variety of games but I would like to be able to record new games but my fps often gets low. I know my computer specs are low. There are as follows

AMD athlon II x2 2.8 ghz
4gb ram
1 hdd sata 3gbs
amd radeon HD 6850
windows 7 64-bit

I was wondering if upgrading and getting a second hdd or sdd plus maybe some ram would be enough or do I really also need a better processor as well?
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    A new processor would be a nice improvement. The extra HDD would also be good, don't waste any money buying an SSD for recording, unless you put your OS on there. Also, have you tried open broadcaster software? It is quite good for recording and gives you a large number of options, including recording multiple sources (eg, webcam and game at the same time).

    What resolution are you recording at? Your current setup will work better if you record at 30FPS and scale to 720p. (unless you are already doing that)
  2. Fraps happens to use alot a memory. Using a little bit of cash to get "Action! Mirrilis" is something you should look into
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