Can I upgrade my HP Pavilion desktop from a 32-bit Windows Vista to a 64-bit Windows 7?

I have a HP Pavilion with 32-bit Windows Vista. I am looking at getting a new laptop as a back-up. (Recently had Windows go down and could not work for a week while being repaired.) Since new laptops have Windows 7 or 8, will I be able to load my stuff from the HP to the laptop or do I need to upgrade my HP and can I?
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  1. When you say "load my stuff", what do you mean specifically? if you want to move your pictures, documents and such, then sure, no problem.
  2. Specifically, I would need to load my documents and programs which I use in my day to day work.
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    1. Going from 32bit to 64bit is a new install, not an upgrade.
    2. Any applications to be loaded on the new laptop means an actual installation. And since you will now have two copies (one on the HP and one on something new), that means actually buying them again (unless the licensing allows for more than one install, as some do).
    3. Your personal docs are no problem. They are yours...move as you wish.
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