First Custom Watercooling loop (CPU only) Requesting Guidance

So, I've built a few computers and now wish to make my signature rig a little more custom with a custom watercooling loop on the CPU (a major upgrade from my Corsair H60 even though it works just fine). Reading through articles I find, forum topics, etc, it's a bit overwhelming determining which brand to go with, which radiator works well, etc. I have a decent amount of space for a set-up though it's only the CPU I want to cool, and am willing and able to mod my case.

So my questions are these:
Is Koolance a reliable company who makes decent parts with decent customer service? If no, who is?
I was looking at using Koolances Quick-Disconnect fittings, are the no-spill ones worth the money? If no, does anyone else make a similar product?
Will a single 120mm 30 FPI radiator (with 2 Corsair SP 120s) be enough to cool my Haswell i5 4670K OC'd to 4.4 Ghz?
If no to any of the above, by all means please make suggestions (from your experience).

What I was looking at:
Koolance HX-CU420V Radiator
Koolance CPU-380I Water Block
The new no-spill quick-disconnect push-connect fittings (
And looking for a green UV coolant, or if I could do clear with green UV piping, that would be aesthetically pleasing for me.

Important Specs:
Coolermaster CM Storm Scout II
Asus Sabertooth Z87
I'd use Corsair SP 120's with whatever I ended up doing.

My budget: $150-250.00 USD

Thank you in advance!

Side note: I really want the quick disconnect for drainage, really want the UV green look to go with the case aesthetically, willing to pay extra for more quality parts/ no-spill parts, I want to do this custom not so much a kit so I can do it for future rigs I build and know how.
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    From what I have heard Koolance is good stuff. But I haven't dealt with them.
    Yes the quick disconnects should work just fine.
    Do the clear coolant with the green hoses.

    Remember when you build your own loop you need a pump, reservoir, hoses, a block, fittings, and a radiator.
    Get the Koolance pump/reservoir combo and put it on the bottom of the case behind the power supply where the optional 120mm fan could be mounted. I think the 157milliliter will be the biggest reservoir you will be able to fit under your graphics card in that case... hmm maybe not ? I didn't think to include the size of the pump housing screwed down at the bottom, you will have to take that into account.

    I would use at least 2X120 mm area or more. So no one 120mm radiator won't do.

    I have the same case you do, the gunmetal gray version. I would put another 120mm radiator in the back of the hard drive cage in the middle.
    Or push out the top filter and put a 240mm radiator up there and externally mount the radiator on top and internally mount the fans, but you can't use the top filter anymore. The 240mm will fit up there though.
    If I was you, I would save a bit more and consider a case like the Corsair Carbide Air 540 or something from Case Labs and water cool with that.
  2. Hmm another thought is you could remove the top hard drive cage and notch/cut out the bottom of the optical drive bay of the Coolermaster CM Storm Scout II and put the pump/reservoir in the front there. A Dremel with a cut off wheel and a sanding tip to smooth the sharp edges should do the trick. Be sure to REMOVE ALL your hardware before you go nuts with a Dremel.
  3. I have not used Koolance but I have done three builds with XSPC kits from and have had really good luck with them the kits come with everything you need -coolant. And they have a good selection of different kits to choose from. From single 120mm all the way up to 480mm four fan versions.
  4. Thanks Fixer762! I also thought about externally mounting since our cases feature those two hose holes with the rubber linings, interesting. Though I'm in love with the Scout II and not willing to switch hehe. I'll also give that dremel action some thought.

    Thanks Bryonhowley for your suggestion as well, I'll take a look at those kits!
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