Can't Set Screen Resolution to proper resolution and Start up programs won't launch

The screen resolution of my computer is supposed to be 1280x1024, but after an update while Windows was starting up, the screen looked stretched. When I checked the screen resolution, it was set to 1024x768. I tried making it higher, but that was the highest it could get.

I also tried pressing Advanced settings, then List all modes. The highest was also 1024x768.

Above the screen resolution drop box, the display device is set to Generic PnP Monitor on Standard VGA Graphics Adapter.

My graphics card is nvidia GeForce 310M. I tried updating it to 310.70 but when I ran the installer, an error popped up saying "This graphics driver could not find compatible hardware." This is weird 'cause I got this from the link after clicking "New updates are available" from the NVIDIA settings.

Also, when I double click the NVIDIA icon in the taskbar, an error pops up saying "An NVIDIA graphics card was not detected in your system."


Another problem. -.-

I can't launch programs from the start menu, all programs. I can launch the ones that are recently used and the pinned ones, but most programs in the "All Programs" aren't accesible. GOMPlayer opens up fine, though, but the other software, like Photoshop, GIMP, etc., don't start up. I made sure by opening task manager.

Some programs inside folders start up.

I tried chckdsk, sfc /SCANNOW, scanning with MalwareBytes Free, AVG, Microsoft Security Essentials.
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  1. What happened previous to this? Did you install an update, remove or add a program or hardware component?
  2. Yesterday, before Windows started up, there was an update installing. When the login screen came up, the screen looked stretched.
  3. Have you checked to see what updates were installed? If so, what were they? Trying to narrow down the offending update.
  4. kenrivers said:
    Have you checked to see what updates were installed? If so, what were they? Trying to narrow down the offending update.

    I'll try that... Wait a bit.
  5. So I checked my update history and there were a couple of updates installed on 9/6/2013 and on 9/4/2013, but none on 9/5/2013, when this whole screen resolution thing happened. The start menu had been acting all weird even before this.

    Anyway, I tried uninstalling the update that was installed on September 4, but when I checked the installed updates, it wasn't there.
  6. -sorry. double post.
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