Total War II on Ultra at 1080p

What's the minimum GPU I'd need for this?
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    Would be easier if you posted a more in-depth post, seeing as not all games rely solely on the GPU.

    And even if you got a recommendation, it wouldn't help if your other components aren't up to par. . .

    That said, I think even a GTX 660 would be superb. GTX 650 and probably also Radeon 7770 I imagine.
  2. What about on the CPU side?
  3. It all depends on your budget. An i3, i5, FX 6300, FX 8350 are all examples of some really good CPUs.
  4. I'm worried that my i3-3245 won't run it well. My GPU is a 7950 though so I think that's alright.
  5. Mate... You won't have any trouble at all. You shouldn't feel the slightest bit.

    I've seen the game run well on far less.
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