Moved the default program files from SSD to HDD, but now I can't remove the old files from the SSD.

Today I installed my new SSD, but of course I don't want EVERYTHING installed on my 120GB SSD. I went into the registry and changed my default program file locations to my D drive ( The Hard drive ), and transferred all my programs to the new drive, but now when I try to remove the old program file folders ( c:\program files / c:\program files (x86) ) it says the file is being used in a program. Why? I changed the location and transferred the files? How can I correct this and clean the folders off of my SSD.
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  1. That won't work. Most programs make an entry in the registry that specifies where their start directory is. They are all still pointing to the SSD. You would need to uninstall every program and then reinstall choosing the D drive as the installation drive. I'd put everything back to the way it was.
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