Need help. Computer randomly restarts even while in BIOS and after replacing RAM and power supply.

Not sure if this is posted in the righ place; please forgive me if I'm posted in the wrong category but I couldn't find an actual "help" category - and I need help.

My computer restarts randomly with gaps of anywhere from 30 seconds to 15 minutes between restarts. Restarts happen even while in bios. Have already replaced RAM, power supply and power cord (and have tested wall outlet).

System Hardware is:
Intel i7-3770 processor,
Crucial 128 GB SSD
4x 4GB DDR3 1600 GHz Patriot RAM
Corsair TX 750W power supply
MSI Z77A-G43 motherboard
Nvidia GeForce 460 graphics card
After-market heat sink (air cooled)

Windows 7 OS.

Nothing ever over-clocked.

System worked flawlessly for over six months, then suddenly the restarts started earlier today.

BIOS reports CPU temperatures of 33 to 35 degrees C and motherboard temps of about 25 degrees C. BIOS reports all voltages within 5% of where they should be. CPUID hardware monitor program gives similar values, except +5v is about 0.7v high and +12v shows up as only about 8 volts (but have gotten those same values from CPUID for six months, across two different power supplies).

At my wits end, hoping someone out there has an answer. Please let me know if there's any other info I can supply to aid anyone that wants to advise me.
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  1. remove other parts first, use the bare minimum: 1 stick of ram, built-in gpu.
    if that works, try the other ram but still just 1 stick. if that works, try the gpu.

    just try to isolate the problem first, limit the factors. good luck.

    if you have a spare psu, try that also. but just change one thing at a time
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    I have seen this happen before and it turned out the be a bad power switch that came with the case. A quick test is to unplug the power switch from the M/B and use a screwdriver to jump the two posts. If it starts and stays running you know its a short in the power switch.
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  3. Cons29 - I had already done 1 known good stick of RAM and a new known good power supply but I hadn't yet taken the GPU card out. I just did and am testing it now to see if it restarts or not (so far so good, but sometimes it lasts 10 -15 minutes so too early to tell yet...

    counterc - That's quite clever, and definitely the next thing I'll try if Cons29's solution doesn't fix things. I never would have thought of that!

    Will post back in a few minutes with results of testing...

    Just restarted again. Trying counterc's idea now...

    I did notice that the wires from the power switch seemed loose when I checked so I had really hoped counterc's idea would prevail - but it just restarted again.

    counterc's advice was good; it wasn't the power button that shorted but the reset button. I disconnected the reset button and the problem went away immediately.

    Very happy now; thank you counterc!!!!!!!!
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  4. I have the same problem.. can you tell me what reset button you mean ? Where it is located ?
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  5. Aashirya said:
    I have the same problem.. can you tell me what reset button you mean ? Where it is located ?

    It was the reset button on the front panel of the case. |

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