Samsung, Plextor, Sandisk, A-Data - which SSD to buy ?

According to my budget I have shortlisted a few SSD's with their approx prices (India) :
1. Samsung 840 120gb - 6400 INR
2. Plextor 120gb M5S - 6900 INR
3. Kingston SSDNow 120gb - 6500 INR
4. Adata Premier Pro 128gb SP900 - 6900 INR
5. SanDisk Extreme Series 120gb - 6900 INR

Which one will be the best in terms of performance? Longevity and security are not of great importance to me, though I would hope the SSD lasts me at-least 3years. The samsung 840EVO is actually me personal favourite but it has not yet launched here in India :(

My current build is Gigabyte B75M-D3H with i5 3550. I have 2 6gbps sata ports.
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    I don't know all of them, but I heard a lot about the Samsung 840 which is very good quality.

    I personally have a Plextor M5P 265GB, and I'm very happy with it so far :)

  2. If you can wait I would wait for the 840 Evo! It is a really great drive, which I can recommend!
  3. I do not see any date on which samsung will release that EVO in India :(. Only a huge 1tb EVO is available at 1 shopping site. I will buy within October
  4. Is there any benchmarks for specifically these drives done here at Tom's or any other site?
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