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Hello all, so I am making a computer which will be doing some real time 3D rendering as well as little bit of gaming... ;) So really I just want people to tell me if this should all work fine together e.g. all intel chipset, correct mother bored chip set for processor etc. If you need anymore info please ask!

(Shortened urls! if do dont trust them dont use them :) )


Pros -- Intel Core i7 3770 ( )
MBod -- Gigabyte Z68AP ( )
PSU -- Corsair Builder Series CX500 ( )
RAM -- Corsair (2x4GB) DDR3 1600 Mhz ( )
CARD -- MSI GeForce GT640 4GB ( )

Might SLI the card as it has phyysx/CUDA enabled (not sure if that will make it work! As think it is AMD chip??)

So that's pretty much what I want to know will work with each other :)
Also what heat skin do you recommend? I will be getting a large case and lots of fans so dont worry about that ;)

Thanks all!
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  1. First off, that motherboard will not be compatible with that processor unless you jump through a number of hoops. You can see in the motherboard's name that it is a "Z68A", the Z68 part refers to the chipset on the board, and as it is the "6x" series, it was originally made for Sandy Bridge, and as your processor is Ivy Bridge, as you will need to flash the BIOS on the board, but this can only be done with a Sandy Bridge processor. Very annoying.

    Instead, look for a motherboard labelled "Z77" or "Z75", as these will be compatible right off the bat.

    Secondly, do you intend to overclock with your processor? If so, go for the "i7 3770k". Notice the "k" at the end, this means that the processor is unlocked and you will be able to overclock it. If there is no "k", you can't overclock.

    Regarding the graphics card, that thing is really not a very powerful card at all. It is sitting on the very low end of capabilities when it comes to running games, even less so for 3D rendering I'd suspect. You would want a much more powerful card, such as a 760, a 7950, or if you can't afford to go that high, a 650 Ti Boost or a 7870 would be fine too.

    You wouldn't be able to run two 640s anyway, as they lack the proper connectors on the card itself. You can only SLI with the 650 Ti or above.
  2. Awh thank you knew I need to have some one check for me ;) haha! I was looking at a sandy bridge to start and then went to the ivy. I dont intend to over clock it tbh as I would probs blow it up! :P

    Any recommendations on the mother bored to get? Dont want anything to pricey but still good :L

    Awh I was thinking that as my sister has a 640 2gb and I couldnt see the SLI connector!
  3. Hey, it can be quite confusing with all the various chipset names and what boards work with what processors and such, it isn't exactly obvious eh! Ah well...

    Unfortunately, as the Ivy Bridge chips are just fading away with the release of Haswell processors, it's going to be come harder to get a relevant motherboard, I know the online stores I go to here in the UK are selling only a few Ivy Bridge boards here and there. Either way, here's one I found that should be fairly cheap but offering good performance, and as you don't need to overclock, you won't need a more expensive board anyway.
  4. God darn! haha guessing the ivy bridge is still awesome just big change in prices for a haswell? ;)
    But that M-Bored is a chipset b75 :S but that will work for my processor??
  5. Yeaaaaah Ivy Bridge is still awesome, Haswell is ever so slightly faster, but not by much really. Hell, they even use the same crap cooling method on the processor.

    Yeaaah, the board is a Z75, which is essentially the same chipset as the Z77 boards, but you can't overclock, I just thought I'd add it in seeing as you stated you didn't want to OC :) Saves a few pennies here and there
  6. Ah fair enough and crap cooling? drep.

    OH yeah I dont trust my self with OC :P so if it dosent let me thats even better ;) haha bored looks awesome tbh! :D Cheer dude!
  7. No worries! I love doing this stuff as it gives me a chance to look into parts and pieces anyway, in essence you're doing ME a favour haha!

    Yeah, it's nothing to worry about seeing as you're not overclocking, but the Ivy and Haswell processors have a really crap method of directing heat from the actual processor chip to the heat-spreader (the metal bit on top). It's annoying when overclocking only because this limits how far you can overclock, but as you're not, there's zilch to worry about :)
  8. So can anyone recommend a good PSU and what size it should be? I did say the orsair Builder Series CX500 but will 500w be enough for this? I looked only and with my limited worked it out to be about 554 on a psu calculator website :L Could anyone give me some advice on this?
    Also I would like to add more ram and pos of led fans so would like the PSU to be able to handle that! also will be getting a higher end card!
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