Does intel hd 4000 slow my computer down?

I was wondering if my i7 3700k's integrated GPU has it's own processing power or does it draw some, if not all the processing power from the actual processor. What i entend to say is that if i had a dedicated graphic card which is exactly rhe same as my integrated GPU would it make any difference on the processing speed?. Furthermore, will overclocking improve my integrated GPU performance?. I do know that it uses my RAM and i have already allocated 1GB for it. I use it mainly to create websites and for gaming. Will get my GPU after four months...
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  1. hafijur said:
    It won't make any difference to the processing speed as the i7 3770k is a cpu and it has an igpu built in which is two seperate things as one part is the cpu the other is an integrated graphics card all on the same chip. It won't make any difference as long as the temps are good and your dedicated gpu is set to be used for the games as some games don't auto detect the dedicated gpu you have to go on nvidia control panel to add certain games to use the high performance nvidia graphics processor while on amd I presume its similar.

    For 3d gaming titles the integrated graphics will play at low res low medium settings on newer titles. Whatever you don't oc your igpu its pointless.

    I didn't get your last line.
  2. would OCing make a difference on the GPU?
  3. thanks!
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