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Does Core i3 Quad exist?

Hello, I have a laptop with core i3 quad. I read an article and wiki, it said that Core i3 only has 2 cores. I opened device manager and it said that it's 4 cores. Am I drunk? This is the picture
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  1. Hyperthreading. It lets each core work on 2 threads at once. Device manager is showing thread not cores.
  2. Hi,

    You are seeing an extra 2 cores for i3 hyperthreading technology. It can more efficiently run multiple threads of programs. It is moderately faster by about 5-15% as a result but not as fast as an 2 cores could make it.

    So no, you only have 2 cores and each have a bit of extra circuitry to improve multi threaded performance slightly, but windows cant really differentiate between them and real cores.

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    Either you or Windows is. :P
    The Best specs an i3 can have is 2Cores/4Threads. Not 4 Cores. Its showing the Threads. Try check WEI ( Windows Experience Index ) and it will show you accurate results and an assessment of your PC along with specs including the model no and cores.
    P.S - If the model is actually a M350 then still its not a Quad Core CPU.

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  4. The only Intel quad core CPUs for laptops are the Core i7 CPUs with the "MQ", "MX" and "HQ" designations, like the Haswell generation i7-4700MQ. There are i7 CPUs with simply the "M' designation like the i7-4600m, but those are simply dual core CPUs with hyperthreading.

    In short... All mobile core i3/i5/i7 CPUs are dual core CPUs with hyper threading. The only exceptions are Core i7 CPU with the following designations; those CPUs are quad core CPUs with hyper threading:

    1. MQ
    2. MX
    3. HQ
  5. Well, thank you everybody. Sorry for not choosing the first answer as the solution. But you are all right.
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