Windows 8 Deleted Everything!

Yesterday I was playing Max Payne 3, when I quit the game it was unresponsive. After a while of waiting I decided to use the task manager to shut it down, that didn't work neither so I had to force boot the PC. I started the PC again and everything was slower but working, I tried to switch between Steam accounts and some sort of error came up, I thought that a reboot would fix it so I rebooted my PC. After that it came up with "Preparing Windows 8" As in the very first time I used my PC it did the same thing. After it was all done, I logged in to my User and wolah everything was gone, the background was green, when I switched between metro and the desktop view all it did was change a tiny detail of the background. Right click on the desktop view did nothing, Tried to open control management tool, but even this had no response. In the metro view I tried to use the search tool, but it sad something like "Can't use the search tool", Everything was empty there are no programs or files at all in the PC. All I can say is, help please?
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  1. BUMP! I'm desperate! Any help here? I didn't find anything in google after hours of searching, but that just might be because of the wrong search words!
  2. BUMP!
  3. restart your computer and your ok
    it might happen again after 10 mor boot ups but restart your computer and your good to go

    it happens alot
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