HIS ATI RADEON HD7850 ICEQ or Sapphire HD 7850?

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  1. Sapphire is the best AMD GPU manufacturer, BUT they released some bad(buggy as hell) HD7870s and HD7850s(ESPECIALLY the OC versions!) SO I advise you to go with the HIS IceQ, instead of the Sapphire card - if you don't want trouble.
    It seems the issue isn't present in HD7900s, but only in the HD7800 cards, so if you decide you'll be better off getting an HD7950 for instance, go with Sapphire - otherwise, go with the HIS card.
  2. saphhire makes good gpu's, my 9500 pro (years years ago) lasted for a long time.
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    Cons29 said:
    saphhire makes good gpu's, my 9500 pro (years years ago) lasted for a long time.

    Don't get me wrong - I personally own a Saphire Radeon 9800PRO, Sapphire Radeon HD3850, another(current GPU) Sapphire Radeon HD6950(Dirt 3 Edition). They all work flawlessly.

    The thing is they got stuff extremely wrong with the HD7800s....look at the amount of people asking for help on forums - they all have trouble with the Sapphire HD7800s - the cards start throwing artifacts, they stop displaying anything in the middle of your gameplay and they end up non-functional. It takes about a month for Sapphire to accept your card and then send you another one (supposedly a fixed one, because they DID fix the issue but only on cards sporting a newer serial number).
    Check it out:
    "SAPPHIRE Technology has confirmed that a technical issue has been identified in two models of its HD 7800 series graphics cards, specifically SKU numbers 11199-16 and 11199-19 that were manufactured before Jan 23 2013 and before serial number A130300061911.

    Cards with serial numbers after A130300061911 (ie A130300061912, A130300061913, etc) have already had the correction implemented."

    Watch out.
    Again - look at the name of the card : ain't that an HD7850 OC?
    Need more proof?
    But God said: Let there be light! That's not fair!
    Check this same video @ 57s - see if you like the music.

    How about AVOIDING any HD7800s from Sapphire now? Or do you like the problems these people are experiencing?
    I was personally shopping for an HD7870 from Sapphire when I discovered all those issues and I just stopped shopping for that - I'm waiting for the HD9000s that should be released at the end of October or so...we'll have brand new cards by the end of the year. I'm not saying other manufacturers don't have similar problems with their products, but I know for sure the HD7800s from Sapphire, with a serial number from a specific range, are FAULTY.
    I'd look for either HD7800s from other manufacturers, buy an HD7950 OR wait for the HD9000s (which is what I ended up doing).
  4. k will b choosing HIS. thnx
  5. Hey... I hope you didn't buy the HIS yet. at the very least not the 7800 series. For some reason all brands of the 7800's have issues. I currently have a 7850 IceQ, graphics are beautiful but... it freaks out during game play and then you have to do a hard shut down. I'm currently sending it in to be fixed. I would suggest going with 7900+ they don't seem to have the issues of the 7800.
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