i5-3570k @ 4.2ghz without changing voltage safe?


I'm a complete noob when it comes to overclocking. I want to overclock my i5-3570k. I read it was it was ok to change the multiplier to 42 (base clock is 100mhz) without adjusting voltage or memory multiplier. Is this ok to try? Advice and explanations are welcome. Thanks :)
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  1. It's okay to try as long as you have a decent CPU cooler. Well, heck, even with the stock cooler you can try it as long as you keep an eye on the temperature when you stress test the CPU.

    The worst that can happen, apart from overheating, is that the CPU happens to need a bit more voltage to be stable at 4.2 GHz, in which case it'll just give some error when you stress test it, and you can just dial it back to 4.1 and try again (or up the voltage and try again, but I get the feeling you don't want to fiddle with voltage).
  2. You can try overclocking with out touching voltages causes no problems. But overclocking to 4.2 ghz like clocks ensure your load temperature is not too high.
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