Windows 8 Clean Install from USB onto Samsung SSD 840 120gb (ERROR CODE 0xc00000e9)

Hi, I need some help troubleshooting my first build. I've assembled everything and everything seems to be working.

I used an iso of windows 8, used the microsoft usb tool, and put the iso onto a usb drive.

I booted up my computer, and plugged in the USB, set the USB to be first to boot in BIOS, restarted my computer.

Then the windows 8 symbol shows up, it hangs there for about 5-10 minutes. Then it gives me the error code 0xc00000e9, some kind of I/O error, asking me to reconnect my usb/dvd drive and restart my computer to try to fix the problem.

I'm asking what the problem could be, I have my own guesses, but I'd prefer to hear an expert's opinion since I'm pretty inexperienced at building computers and installing OS's

Notes: When I look in BIOS, my mobo has recognized my SSD, it says it's connected to my SATA 0 port, it's a SAMSUNG SSD 120gb. I've also tried switching around to different ports, and switching out the cable connecting the SSD to my mobo. I've also tried putting my USB into multiple usb slots.

Please help! I'm very sad my first build is stuck on this part and I can't use it!
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  1. try to make sure its not connected to a usb 3 port, if this does not work go into the sata controller options and change the sata controller mode from ahci/raid to ide and see if this helps.
  2. well, my mobo has 6 USB 3.0 ports
    no usb 2.0 ports
    but my usb key is, now that you mention it, a 2.0 usb key

    also i can try switching my sata controller to IDE, it's currently on ahci
    my thoughts are:

    buy a usb 3.0 key drive from target, put the iso on there and try from there first (can a 2.0 usb drive trying to boot from a 3.0 usb port be the cause of this I/O error?)

    second step is plug in my laptop ssd to my desktop and see if my mobo/sata will boot up with that ssd, which i know works because i'm currently using it in my laptop (if this does not work, can i assume it's my sata controller on my mobo that is faulty?)

    3rd step if my laptop ssd does work in my desktop, then use my laptop to install windows 8 onto my NEW ssd (if my laptop ssd works in my desktop, and i still fail to install windows onto my NEW ssd using my laptop, i can assume my SSD is faulty?)

    are you familiar with gigabyte MOBOs and how to use SMART to evaluate the integrity of my SSD?
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    I was getting the same error after installing Win 8. After a few tries, I realized I had my external drive plugged in while running a fresh install of Win 8. I unplugged all external drives and tried again and no more error.
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