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I'm a third year architecture student, who likes to game. For the architecture part, I need a good cpu, for rendering on Revit, designing on AutoCAD and it needs to be a laptop otherwise I would have bought a crazy desktop PC , then there's the gaming, I play high end games as Battlefield 3, but also old PS2 and nintendo 64 games on emulators, so I would love to have a good frame rate

My budget is 1500 euro, so about 2000 dollars all costs included.
Was thinking about the acer R7, 256Gb SSD, Geforce 750M
The touchscreen would be great, but i'm affraid to have problems with it.
Would love to hook up to monitors!

Thanks in advance for the much needed help with my choice
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  1. your spending money on the luxury of it being a touch screen instead of its main components i would not get it if your trying to play high end games
  2. Yes, I know. That's why i'm affraid to have problems with it. What laptop would you go for?
  3. well i dont know what is available in that area, but if its for all that you listed and if this is available. Would get a Alienware - 17" with a 770/780 M chip in it, 16 Gigs of Ram (for architecture uses). just get the HDD for now and buy a seperate SSD and add it yourself the 17 inches ususally come as i7s so yeah. probably best option for you unless you can provide me with what is available to you.
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