my 1 tb toshiba 3.0 usb hard disk partisions are not opening

hello sir,..i'm in problem with my external usb 3.0 hardisk of 1 witch i hv created 4 partisions ...and now only 2 partisions are geting open insted of 4...and for the 2 partisions it shows me dilog box of to "format drive"......i hv open disk managment but while hard disk is connected the disk managment is not opening's just loading and than not responding...i have very important deta in to that two drives please sujjest me what shood i do??? soon as possible
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  1. Do this : chkdsk X: /f/r (X is the drive letter, yours may be different)

    Do this for both partitions, each at a time.
  2. thank you for ur valuable response but this is also not helping...:(
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    Did you plugin the external HDD before running the command ? And what is not helping ? Just give me some details. Or try the disk on another system. Or change the USB cable, sometimes it works.

    Try plugging and unplugging the drive for several times, sometime it also helps.

    Here is a data recovery software :
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