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Hello all,

My PC was broke a while ago so I added the new HDD finally. A few days after adding it I got a few BSODs that I didn't know I should save, but there was a thing about Memory on it.

Anyway, it started to work for a little longer and I was just being hopeful that whatever happened was done. Nope. I tried to play BF3 yesterday and it just shutdown my PC.

Now, when I turn it on, I get a red light on the Mobo (I think I might've seen it during the first BSOD a week ago.) Everything appears to be running inside the case. As I don't want to disturb anything further without guidance, I have yet to open the case to check connections.

I think my processor is not reading all 16gb, or any at all since this crash, of my RAM. How do I go about fixing this? Are there tests I can do to see if the processor is dead?

Any and and all help is much appreciated. Thanks!

EDIT: The red light appears to be on the motherboard, but knowing my limited knowledge on PCs, it could be the CPU? Also minor grammar edit.
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    go into the bios and run a memory test.
  2. 06yfz450ridr said:
    go into the bios and run a memory test.

    How do I do that? I'm quite the noob at things like this. Is it possible to do if I'm not even getting anything to appear on screen? All I get is a black screen with a red light on the Mobo.
  3. What are your system specs? Check your the manual for your Motherboard and see what that led is? Are there any error beeps/codes? You can also try taking out the ram and putting them back in to make sure they are seated properly.
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